"If I move my lips half the distance to yours… and then half again… and again… etc…. would they ever meet? no? Well in this specific case I am going to disprove your assumption."
— (via drew-effrayant)


Here goes nothing…

Are you the Thief of Heart? ‘Cause you’ve stolen mine.

If I give you my Heart, will you give me your Time?

My life would be Void without your Light.

Is this Space taken of will it be taken in a bit of Time by myself?

I feel like I’d be Doom’d without your Life.

You take my…


I want to feel the electromagnetic force that your molecules exert on my molecules


Bout to Captchalpgue DAT ASS


Bout to Captchalpgue DAT ASS


Girl, are you a Settler of Catan? Cuz you are giving me the Longest Road.


Are you a valve? Because you have me by the heart strings.